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30 Days To Online Success: Turn Your Passion Into A Money Making Asset

Where will you be one month from now?

If you follow Patricia Laverty’s 30 Days to Online Success – Turn Your Passion Into A Money Making Asset – you will be heading up your online business and feeling the freedom that being at the helm of your own company brings.

As an author, business mentor, blogger and influencer Patricia Laverty knows first-hand how to set-up an online business quickly and efficiently and without tangling yourself up in unnecessary computer mumbo-jumbo. She deciphers what you need to know from what you don’t, and will point anyone, even the least computer-savvy amongst us, to the path to business freedom.

Creating a business in just 30-days

Patricia Laverty knows firsthand what it’s like to be that hamster on the working treadmill. After years as a facilitator, leader and teacher working in both manufacturing and hospitality, she reached a stage where the only boss she wanted to work for was herself.

Patricia has previously shared her experiences and know-how with clients through her seminars, presentations, and blogs. Now her book, 30 Days to Online Success – will teach you everything she has learned and successfully taught. Where she has put in years of work, you get it all condensed and easy to understand and achievable in just one month.

Inside ‘30 Days to Online Success’ you will:

  • Assess your online business model
  • Choose a web host
  • Select and buy a domain
  • Understand the different WordPress options
  • Download WordPress
  • Use Add-ons and Plug-Ins
  • Source your content
  • Find out all you need to know about keywords
  • Understand the differences between a blog and a website
  • Create your blog content
  • Build up social media engagement
  • Take part in influencer marketing – from both sides
  • Make money from your blog
  • The Power of video blogging
  • Link up with income producing affiliate partners
  • Create autoresponders
  • Target your traffic to where/what you want customers to be/see
  • Create automation
  • Get to grips with Facebook
  • Create sales funnels and understand why you need them!

If that all sounds like too much to take in, fear not. Patricia has included real-life case studies to bring her words to life. You’ll be able to see how others, like you, have created online businesses in just 30 days and set themselves up to enjoy the freedom that being your own boss brings.

  • No more hamster on the wheel.
  • No more unnecessary people-pleasing.
  • No more lining other people’s pockets.
  • More freedom.
  • More feelgood.
  • More know-how.
  • More for you.

Where will YOU be one month from now?

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October 14, 2018

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