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The surge of Bitcoin ushered in the age of the crypto-currencies worldwide. Many Forex experts are offering their best opinions (whether positive or negative) on the news, TV shows, YouTube, websites, etc. just about every waking hour.

This phenomenon of amassing bitcoins led to many of us waking up to the fact that many people across the world have become millionaires and billionaires almost overnight just by having started to mine or invest in Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies at a time when almost none of the experts considered to give any time on the subject.

Are Crypto Currencies Still Profitable?

This leads to the question, have the rest of us missed the boat? Is it still possible to become rich from trading Cryptos? Well, that depends on your goals and views on what you wish to achieve for your financial freedom in the long run. Keep in mind that even with all the hype & temptations surrounding any of the cryptos, it stills exhibits a highly volatile nature and is absolutely unregulated.

But when has such conditions stood in the way of ambition of the bold?

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet or just not been able to navigate fully around a game plan to properly go about the crypto route, there are basically two ways to get started. One way is to simply invest in the crypto market with the similar strategies and methodologies of any day trader or stock broker.

This option is certainly open to you if you have a good deal of extra cash laying around at your disposal. Educate yourself on the nature and different types of cryptos, exchanges, trading, etc. You could even hire someone with the appropriate background to assist you to get started.

What are the Investment Options?

But what if you don’t have much of any extra cash laying around to invest with? How do you get your hands on any type of crypto? In this case, you simply have one option and that is to ‘mine’ for cryptos or more to the point, Bitcoin. Yes, mining for this valuable form of digital currency is an option. In fact, it is the oldest option. Trading in the exchanges had only gained momentum in the recent years.

If you want to start mining Bitcoin very aggressively, you will need to invest in some tech gears to maximize your output. Unfortunately, you will need to understand your running cost of electricity, the cost of the GPUs, building a computer, etc. If you have some sort of hardware and tech-related background, it would be rather easy for you to understand this part of the process.

How Can I Start Mining Without Investing?

But what if you are neither a tech person nor with access to any finances to invest into any lavish tech gears? Then I would suggest you consider the IT gears you may have at your disposal already. Depending on their specs, it just maybe enough to get you started and to keep going until you build up enough Bitcoins to start trading.

If you can and want to rather connect to that type of a scenario, strap yourself in for the long mining run for none other than to earn Bitcoins, the king of the cryptos. Your current laptop, any older PC at home or even a good smart device may be enough to get you started.

The following are the basic steps to get you started.

Head over to CryptoTab Browser by clicking here.

Once there, please read through the page, before doing anything, to familiarize yourself on the features of this awesome browser. This should take only a few minutes. You can then click on the ‘Download CryptoTab Browser’ button.

Once installed, you will need to then click on the ‘Activate Affiliate Account’ button. You can then simply sign in with any of your social ID. You will be then taken into your dashboard area, which is very self-explanatory. You can choose to import all your settings and bookmarks from any of your other browsers (Chrome, Edge, etc.).

I choose to use the Crypto Browser as a stand-alone browser and let it mine Bitcoin uninterrupted. There is nothing further to download or install and you are good to go at this point. Important thing is to make sure that you are logged in, which can be seen in the upper right-hand corner of the page.

How Can I Track the Mining Progress?

On the upper right-hand side of the browser, you can see an icon of the CryptoTab Browser. Click on that and another tab will open in the browser. This tab will show you the live status of your mining progress including the current hash rates. The ideal hash rate would be higher than 75H/s, but this would depend on the config of your gear.

How can I Promote My Affiliate Link?

You will also find that there is also an affiliate link there that is unique to you. You can share this link on social platforms, emails, etc. to get your friends to also start mining Bitcoin the same way you are. The more friends join through that link, the more affiliate commissions you can earn in addition to your own mining revenues.

There are more promotional materials for you to use and options to customize your affiliate links in the ‘Promo’ tab of your dashboard.

I would suggest mining on a smart device (phones, tablets, etc.) only if you are sporting very good specs. Also, I wouldn’t suggest using this smart device for mining if it is your daily driver as the mining process may place a good deal of stress on the device’s hardware.

Once again, I offer you caution that all crypto-currencies can be volatile in nature and are still unregulated. This BLOG offers no financial advice. Hence please use your best judgment in mining and trading any cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin.

October 26, 2018
October 26, 2018

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