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How to Get More Sales for your eBusiness

by • November 11, 2017 • No Comments

If your online store or marketplace could do with some more exposure leading to more sales, you may consider starting an affiliate program to achieve just that. Of course this is not to be considered as a replacement of the traditional SEO and SEM activities to promote your site. What an affiliate program will do for you is that it will create more traffic to your site from many other sites who had already agreed to become your affiliate in exchange for a financial benefit. Such financial benefits may be anything you would deem beneficial for both yourself and your affiliate. Examples are many e.g. commissions as a percentage or fixed amount, per lead, per sign up, per sale, per download, per subscription, etc.

Surely you may now think that starting an affiliate program would demand even a greater level of involvement on your part to run your business as it would greatly sap into your time to market your program, coordinating with your affiliates regularly, developing marketing collateral for the affiliates (banners, text links, videos, widgets, etc.). Well, that would depend on the size of your business. If your site requires a lot people to run the various things as daily activities, then running your affiliate program could be also absorbed into it as just one more of those activities.

But how about if you are like me where only a handful of people are running with all the critical functions of day to day operations? Managing an affiliate program may certainly become a handful. Yet you would want to consider it because it will lead to better sales. So what if I told you that you can indeed run a very successful affiliate program by outsourcing the pain points. Let someone else do all the administrative and support related work for you while you only monitor the sales and payment related stuff.

Let me introduce you to ShareASale.com

ShareASale has been in business for 17 years, exclusively as an Affiliate Marketing Network. Their network of many affiliates spread across the globe can reach markets you might not have even considered yet. Their technology receives accolades for speed, efficiency, and accuracy – and their reputation as a fair and honest business is well known within the industry.

Their Client Services Department will be able to assist with personalized guidance to help you get the most out of your investment. Their team can provide educated advice on any of the following Affiliate Program management tasks:

    • Structuring and implementing recruiting and activation campaigns
    • Seasonal, promotional and dynamic ad banners
    • Developing Affiliate tools (datafeeds, videos, widgets, etc.)
    • Crafting and distributing Affiliate communication

In January 2017, global affiliate network Awin acquired ShareASale to provide further international opportunities to domestic advertisers and publishers.

Signing up as a merchant with ShareASale will only take a few short minutes. You can find out more on how to get started here or by clicking the banner above. We wish you much success in maximizing your site’s sales potentials by becoming a part of the ShareASale affiliate marketing platform.

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