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As a long user of prescription glasses, I am all too familiar with the daily woes that come with day to day use. As the years moved ahead, I had to start using reading glasses in addition to my usual prescription glasses. I was told that such is required at my age due to spending long hours in front of a computer screen.

I believe I share this situation with hundreds of thousands of people all across the globe. So, I started to get used to using my reading glasses in all short-sighted situations. Needless to say that switching between my usual prescription glasses and the reading glasses was a royal pain. Although I did use contact lenses at my earlier ages, I rather quickly outgrew them long ago.

The problem I had faced with the reading glasses are varying comfort levels when my eyes are adjusting to the shifting distance in the environment around me. Never really could find a sweet spot unless I am doing any one thing for a very long time such as reading a book or working on the computer. If you are still reading my rant, I would say that you know exactly what I am trying to say.

So I started looking beyond the conventional solutions for reading glasses. It certainly wasn’t an easy task, but I did manage to find a solution. While this solution seemed simple at the surface, I soon realized that it was a breakthrough technology married to the conventional reading glasses. The product was a quickly adjustable reading glasses by Adlens.

What is Adlens?

Adlens is a technology-forward enterprise leading the development and sale of adjustable focus eyewear. Currently, Adlens is the global sales leader and largest manufacturer of adjustable focus eyewear in the world.

Co-founded in 2005 by investor and philanthropist James Chen, Adlens uses revolutionary technology and design to develop eyewear that adapts to the needs of the human eye – enabling clear sight at multiple distances, whatever the task. Its patented lens technology provides many unique advantages unmatched by other product offerings in the marketplace.

It is a privately-held technology company with a global headquarters and state-of-the-art research and manufacturing facility in Oxford, United Kingdom. Adlens also has sales and distribution offices in Boston, USA, Tokyo, Japan, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

How does this technology work?

Adlens UZOOM Adjustable-Focus Reading Glasses house their patented Alvarez Dual Lens Technology. This innovative lens features two thin, wave-shaped polycarbonate “plates” that when the dial is turned, the plates slide across each other. The position of the two plates relative to each other is what determines the clarity of focus of the overall lens system.

Such an innovative technology allows a single pair of UZOOM adjustable-focus glasses to replace multiple pairs of different strength reading glasses. Allowing everyone to focus at different distances so that we can enjoy seeing more of what’s around us comfortably.

Will Adlens work for me?

Their glasses are adjustable-focus reading glasses. So if you wear traditional reading glasses, wear reading glasses over contact lenses, or are just realizing you are struggling to see up close – Adlens would be the ideal choice for traditional reading glasses.

However, Adlens UZOOM glasses are not intended to replace prescription eyewear. For you to find out if Adlens glasses are best suited for you, give them a try with their risk-free 90 days free trial. If you are not happy for any reason, simply return your eyewear within 90 days and they will provide a full refund.

Further to offer comfort if you do decide to keep the glasses after the free trial period, Adlens offers a lifetime warranty on all Adlens UZOOM adjustable-focus reading glasses. This warranty covers you if you break or lose them as well as any manufacturer’s defects.

What does adjustable-focus mean?

Adjustable-focus glasses allow you to adjust them precisely to different distances. Each lens has its own dial which moves the 2 lenses until your object is in perfect focus allowing you to see clearly in pin-sharp focus. There is no limit on how many times you can adjust them.

Why does our vision start to lose focus?

From the age of 45, our eye’s ability to focus starts to decrease. This means that we will find it hard to focus on things at different distances and especially close up. This gradually gets worse until the age of about 75 by which point we have lost all of our ability to focus at different distances.

People gradually find it more difficult to do intricate tasks, read the small print, focus at different distances, and see in low light. You will notice people squinting, straining, or holding things further away to try and overcome the problem.

As well as the daily frustration of not being able to see as well as before, these coping strategies can also cause headaches and eyestrain. Usually, most people buy ‘off the shelf’ reading glasses to try and overcome such issues.

But, this type of solution only allows them to see clearly at one specific distance which is very restrictive because hobbies, reading, computing, watching TV and the rest of life requires your eyes to focus at different distances in most circumstances.

There is a ton more information about this innovation at the Adlens website which you can access by clicking here. Hope my findings above will offer you much comfort and end any strains to your eyes you may be suffering from currently.

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