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How to Protect Yourself from Ransomware and Malicious Content

by • November 25, 2017 • No Comments

With the relatively new emergence of ransomware, more and more people across the globe are forced to become aware of the need for specialized security for such an enormous level of digital threat. Whether on a personal level or at an organizational level, you data drives your core activities every minute of the day.

The last years proved that information theft and financial data leakage are major international issues, which continue to create security challenges for organizations, as well as private individuals. Isn’t it time you took ransomeware seriously and meet the experts who can defend you against it?

At Heimdal, security is their passion!

Stop ransomware in its tracks!

The Heimdal Security software was developed in 2011 by the 19th and 20th Team Defcon CTF World Champions in hacking. And Heimdal is used today to protect individuals and organizations across the world against advanced cyber attacks, wherever users may be located or travel to.

Heimdal Security protects you from attacks that antiviruses simply can not detect or block. With Heimdal Security, you are able to secure any Internet-connected computer automatically and block threats before they expose your data. In fact, with them you are expanding your visibility beyond your network to protect your data against compromise attempts and data leakage.

Through its traffic filtering capability, Heimdal stops ransomware attacks at all stages: before, during and after the attack. Using its unique intelligence, Heimdal blocks malicious connections that try to harvest and steal your confidential financial information. Heimdal further combines automatic software updates with powerful Traffic Scanning for effective security against exploits kits.

There is an absolutely FREE version available for you to download from their website. This is highly recommended at least on a personal protection level. Other paid versions are available depending on your requirement to scale the protection levels.

You can explore and learn more about ransomware threats and Heimdal Security options best suited for you here.

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