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How to Take Care of your Dog While You are Away from Home

by • November 25, 2017 • No Comments

If you’re thinking of getting a doggie camera, doesn’t your furry family member deserve the best? Why buy a generic camera when you can buy one made with your dog in mind?

Created with input from veterinarians and professional trainers, the Furbo Dog Camera goes far beyond just letting you see what your pup is doing. With Furbo, you can enjoy two-way communication, real-time bark alerts, treat dispensing, remote training, video and photo capture, monitoring and more.

Furbo Dog Camera is an interactive camera that lets dog parents see, talk and TOSS TREATS to their furkids remotely. The treat-tossing, clicker training, light indicator and most importantly- the barking alert, makes Furbo the one and only camera that’s made for dogs. Launched in 2016, Furbo Dog Camera had outsold Nest Cam twice during Q4, 2016 and Prime Day 2017. Among millions of products, Amazon had selected Furbo to be the door buster deal during the 30-hour Prime Day sale. Furbo Dog Cameras were completely sold out within 6 hours.

Dog monitor cameras are great for checking in on your pup, but what if you want to talk to them? Furbo takes this into consideration with its two-way communication feature that lets you speak to your pooch no matter where you are. Furbo’s smart technology detects barking and sends push notifications to your iPhone or Android. No matter why your dog is barking, you can always check what’s going on at home and calm them down. With the barking alert, you don’t have to monitor video constantly to know when they’re upset. Designed to filter out normal noise and adjustable for sensitivity, Furbo sends alerts only when your pooch barks, so you can offer comfort instantly.

You can explore the Furbo Dog Camera features and order details here or by clicking the banner below. Order this wonderful innovation for your furkids today.

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