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Tour Around the World

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Who doesn’t want to maximize their time vs. enjoyment during their holiday travels? I know I do, especially when traveling as a group of family or relatives. Being prepared with proper facts and planning before your journey begins is the key piece of travel strategy you should learn to embrace. But in order to become effective at it, we need expert assistance.

Booking-Tours.com offers group and private tours with more than 57 destinations worldwide. Popular are their 1-10 day tour options.

Some of their best selling destinations include:
Israel – Central to 3 major religions and a top tourism destination
Petra – the amazing lost city of Petra
Bethlehem – Birth place of Jesus
Nazareth – People from all over the world visit Israel to see places from the bible and new testament
Mount Masada – UNESCO World Heritage Site

Other locations include Eilat, Tel Aviv, the biblical Jericho, ancient Caesarea, Acre, Jordan river, Mount Tabor, Beth-Shean and many more…

tours to Egypt

Their website is currently in 4 languages – English, Spanish, Russian and Hebrew . Popular tours are also available in French, German, etc.

Booking-tours.com is a leading Israeli worldwide search engine with more than 20,000 tours with live booking feature, specializing in the planning, organization and conducting of custom-made guided tours. The company boasts highly experienced government licensed tour guides. It offers tours in an extensive range of languages based on locations.

They provide tourists with an extensive range of creative solutions. The company’s competitive advantage is its flexibility, taking the form of personalized private car tours as well as the unique opportunity to join a small and intimate group tour.

Give them a try on your next holiday. You can explore their services here.

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