What is All the Hype about Natural Essential Oils?

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From maximum moisturization effects to powerful anti-aging benefits, there are various types of essential oils to suit your needs. No need to think that such oils are only for women’s use for beauty purposes. You should look into start using essential oils to maintain your hair and skin needs on a daily basis irrespective of your gender.

While these oils need to be all-natural and for daily use, you will find them to have an inherently therapeutic nature to them. Also best to buy them as a set so that each of the oils has been tested to work best together, i.e. hair, skin, etc.). They are also allergen-free, but best to check before buying especially through online shops.

Essential oils are also locked into bath and body soaps which are readily available. Using such soaps, you can treat your skin to a wonderful and enriching hydrating experience while being immersed in a pleasant and dreamy scent. Such soaps are also often referred to as bath bombs.

Also available are face wash options which are also all-natural and organic. These are carefully made to exfoliate away any dirt and daily oil build-up without any harsh chemicals. These will surely contain natural soothing and moisturizing ingredients such as cucumber and aloe among others.

How will it take care of my hair?

If your hair feels like straw, give a good drink of oil. Popular hair masks include such oils in the form of Moroccan argan oils, jojoba oil, etc. for deep conditioning and vitamin E, aloe, etc. to heal and seal the hair cuticles. Over time through regular use and care, damage from environmental factors, stress, heat, chemical color treatments, etc. and replenish your hair vitality. Regular use will also protect your natural hair color.

For both male and female cases, the longer you let your hair grow, the more susceptible it is to damage from heat, chemicals in hair products, and environmental conditions. Using a hair mask weekly will surely help to promote natural healing and regrowth. All-natural products will permeate not only every strand of hair but also will rejuvenate the scalp, reduce split ends from re-occurring, and will leave your hair feeling clean and smooth.

Application is rather simple where a little will go a long way for you to apply evenly throughout your head. Start from the scalp and work your way outwards.

Will it be effective for men’s beards?

One special area for men that mostly gets ignored is the need to regularly maintain their beards the all-natural way.

While every guy with a beard is trimming away at regular intervals, very few actually have given any consideration to using beard oils and related products. It’s rather simple to use and not expensive to get.

The function of the beard oil is to moisturize your beard. In addition to moisturizing your beard hair, good beard oil will also moisturize the skin beneath. Itchiness and dandruff of your face are mainly caused by all the facial hairs sapping all the moisture away from the skin.

Regularly using beard oil is just an important consideration as all the hair products you may regularly use for the hair on your head. Similarly, just as some products you use to style your hair, beard oil doubles as a styling agent for your beard. Hence you will notice right away that your beard will feel softer to the touch, have more volume than before making the beard appear fuller, and best of all it will smell nicer as similar to your cologne.

Best of all, you don’t need to apply a whole lot of it. Applying a little bit will go a long way. You can apply beard oil after showering or even just washing your face. For longer beards, start applying a small amount from the skin underneath the beard and work your way outward.  Apply evenly and comb through afterward as you normally would.

Additionally, you should also look into beard conditioners, beard and mustache oils, beard and mustache balm, and other similar all-natural products.

How about my skin?

Consider the state of your skin after a summer of sunscreens and sunburns. Even the simple effects of the sun and other environmental factors impact your skin as your first line of defense. A deep skin exfoliator will contain many essential yet natural ingredients such as Dead Sea Salt, Kona coffee, cacao, coconut shavings, etc. to revitalize your skin and also will have antibacterial power to fight acne, rosacea, eczema, and age spots. To maximize effectiveness, you can also follow through with all-natural facial toners to soothe and heal. And to seal it all in, you can use enhanced vitamin C serum which usually is infused with botanicals that boost collagen production.

Where you must use sunscreen, dermatologists strongly suggest that you use a layer of antioxidant serum with vitamin C & E and ferulic acid underneath the sunscreen every morning. The type to have hyaluronic acid is especially recommended for its moisturizing qualities which is notably quick-absorbing quality for busy mornings without the need to wait for it to soak in.

Anything else?

A bet you didn’t know that essential oils can also a very good mood enhancer. So maybe you did. Recommended is a diffuser, also readily available, where you can add some water and only a drop of any essential oil of preference, and voila! You have instant aromatherapy.

How can I get started without breaking the bank?

Such organic and all-natural products can indeed be on the expensive side depending on the brand you may gravitate towards. But if you know which ingredients are essential for your use, you can select a brand that suits your budget by reading through the ingredient list. Also over time, you may want to try a few different brands and choose one that suits you best.

We would recommend our pick, Art Naturals®, based on product range, effectiveness, and value. Art Naturals® specializes in premium quality natural health & beauty products for hair care, skincare, bath & body, as well as essential oils for wellness and everyday use. All their products are BPA-free, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly and can be used in a wide variety of applications. They offer over 100 unique products including Art Naturals® Hair and Skin Care products.

You can also compare an alternative available at Amazon here.

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